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Alpha Oulare was born in Faranah from an original Mandingo family in Conakry, Guinea and comes from the generation of the seventies. He started playing drum at the age of 5.

He describes: "After I had left a cultural ocassion in the village where Ma Sire Camara was performing, I saw the djembe in a dream. I was only 10 years old at the time. I told him that I love his music, I was then invited to accompany him. I studied with him for 5 years and soon became a member of his ballet. Afterwards, I joined the group Kounkoure Bamba. At first, I accompanied him when he appeared on stage and later became a soloist."

"I then met Famoudou Konate and Mamady Keita. We also played with Faduba Oulare and his ensemble in numerous traditional festivals all over Guinea. The djembe will make you suffer, but it can show you the way to obtain knowledge of nature... To learn the djembe I suffered a lot, but today I thank God because of the djembe I am well known in Africa and Europe. You have to always play the djembe to get a new spirit. When I am asleep, the djembe is in my dreams. Djembe playing is in my blood, I will keep on playing until the end of my life."

Play List:
1. Sugé
2. Kakilambe
3. Coniadon
4. Yankadi
5. Iha Montre Sa Leurr Ma
6. Sofa
7. Sisajango
8. Kuku
9. Soli

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