MADOU SIDIKI DIABATE "Traditional Kora Music From Mali "

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Madou Sidiki Diabate was born in 1962 in Bamako, Mali. His father, the late Sidiki Diabate, known as the "King of the Kora", was a co-founder of L'Ensemble Instrumental National du Mali, and one of the first to bring the music of the hereditary class of musicians/historians, known as Djeli or Griot, to the outside world. Madou's older brother, Toumani Diabate, is the world's first Grammy Award winning kora player. Madou is the seventy-first generation in the father-to-son lineage of kora players in his family. With this, his forst solo release, Madou displays not only his amazing talents as an instrumentalist, but also his deep knowledge of the Djeli repertoire. Songs such as Sara and Chedo, played in their traditional, modified-temperament tunings, have rarely been recorded. These songs open a deeply rooted perspective of Mali to those experienced with, and those first hearing, the music of the kora. Recorded in Abdoul Doumbia's family compound in Bamako, under a painting of the 99 names of God, Madou played each of these songs only one time. No second takes, no editing, no over-dubbing; simply clear, clean music from a deep and ancient well.

Song List:
1. Lanban / Sandiya
2. Keme Burama
3. Cansanna - Nothing is Free
4. Chedo de Kabu
5. Kanu - Love
6. Sakasaka / Bajuru
7. Sara - Reward
8. Banni - Refusal
9. Jon Kana Baga Jon Ma - Let a Slave not Offend Another Slave
10. Alataala Le - Everything Derives from God

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