FULGENCE COMPAORE Djembe Folies - Le Silence Parle

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"The djembe is an instrument with a future. The djembe is not a passing craze. Crazes and fashions are things that pass, whereas the djembe is timeless. The djembe is like nature: its message may take different forms or colors, but its roots remain the same. The djembe is the only instrument that has succeeded in creating a bridge between Africa and the rest of the world. Everyone, without any discrimination, can communicate with the djembe and share a common language. When a djembefola hurts himself while playing, his blood is always red whatever the color of his skin, black, yellow or white, which shows that we are all basically the same. The djembe teaches us to know ourselves and to respect others. For me, it is the silence that speaks." FC

1. Hommage aux Djembefola 6:49
2. M'Ma 5:09
3. Iltisfola 7:49
4. Tiribete 5:27
5. Melonne Foli 3:38
6. Le Moi 5:46
7. Koukoubda 7:01
8. Tanga 3:35
9. Tondoo 3:55
10. Yankadaba 6:56
11. Dodogoo Moiga 3:48
12. Djan Djofoli 6:58


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