Flamenco Arabe - Hossam Ramzy & Rafa El Tachuela

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1 Al Quantara (The Bridge) [Bulerias] 7:08
2 Ahlam Ghernatah [Memories of old Granada] 4:57
3 Al Vuelo (Flying) [Bulerias for Taranto] 6:42
4 Rumbapa ("Father of Rumba") [Malfuf] 4:33
5 Ráfaga de Viento (Gust of Wind) [Rondeña] 6:42
6 Kebrieaa Samet (Silent Pride) [Masmoudi] 9:21
7 El Amor Perdido (Lost Love) 5:11
8 Men El Belad (From Our Country) [Saidi] 8:17
9 Zambra Por Nadejda (Zambra for Nadejda) 5:39
10 Silk Route Suite (total time= 13:17)
a Kathak 3:09
b Egyptian 4:04
c Sol y Sal (Sun and Salt) [Siguiriya] 3:57
d Juntos (Together) [Rumba] 2:09

This exhilarating CD fuses pulsating Arab rhythms and percussion with fiery Andalusian flamenco. The result is a captivating, fiery, romantic, funky Spanish/Arabian album. Flamenco Arabe traces back to the old silk and spice routes to find the origins of Arabian, North African and Flamenco Music.

It reaches deep into history to find the incredible journey of these Nomadic Tribes that caused the conception and birth of such magnificent styles of musical compostion. Today, Arabian Music has many influences that stamped their expressions upon its forehead, caused by the numerous invasions and colonisations.

Flamenco music has experienced similar changes to it's original routes. A special dance piece created for this album incorporates the above styles.

Track # 10 The Silk Route Suite will take you through many dance forms such as Indian Kathak, Egyptian Classical to the famous Flamenco Siguerias.

It finally ends in a big Jam session where all the artists from the various nations add thier influence and colour. This is a perfect piece for a performance of these dance styles. Musicians: Rafa El Tachuela (flamenco guitar and oud) , Hossam Ramzy (Egyptian and world percussion) , Saied Kamal on Egyptian violin, Mohammed Naiem on Nay and kawala flutes, Maged Serour on qanun, Ossama El Hendy on keyboards, Ghoulam Sarwar Sabri on Indian tabla, Ismail Sabri on sarangi, Featuring Danny Thompson and Duddley Phillips on Double Bass.




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