The Best of Hossam Ramzy / Hossam Ramzy

販売価格 1,880円(内税)

1 Khusara Khusara (What a Loss) 6:47
2 Sallam Allay (My Beloved Greeted Me) 5:19
3 Bamoot Feeki (I Adore You) 5:05
4 Sehr Oyounik (The Magic in Your Eyes) 5:00
5 Mawwal El-Oshaa (The Lover's Chant) 6:07
6 Enta Omri III (You are my Life) 5:38
7 Eshta 4:02
8 Night Foal 2:02
9 Aziza 4:54
10 Gamil Gamal (Such Beauty) 7:24

Media, the world over have praised Hossam Ramzy as the SULTAN OF SWING and EGYPT'S AMBASSADOR OF RHYTHM.

Here is a collection of Hossam's finest pieces, selected by the great master himself. This is for belly dancers as well as for fans of Egyptian music.



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