The Best of Hossam Ramzy - Vol II / Hossam Ramzy

販売価格 1,880円(内税)

1 Gamaal Oyounik - 5:50
2 Henni Ya Amar (Hossam Ramzy/Mohsen Allaam) - 6:09
3 Amiret El Sahara - 3:42
4 Tublet Hossam Hattra-Assna - 5:52
5 Maalehsh - 4:23
6 Tool omri ba-hebbak (Kamal Al Taweel) - 4:18
7 Raqs El Khayyalah (Mohamed Naiem/Hossam Ramzy) - 6:54
8 Alwan El Neel (Maged Serour/Hossam Ramzy) - 4:45
9 Amar El Sahara - 4:29
10 Raqset El Assaya - 4:32

Due to the huge public demand for an album that incorporates various of Hossam's most popular recorded songs, ONCE MORE, we put this compilation for your featuring many of Hossam's favourite dance pieces.
This glorious album is an update since Hossam Ramzy’s first “Best of…” album -released in 1997- a collection of the most popular new Oriental dance music from the “Sultan of Swing”. Gamaal Oyounik, Henni Ya Amar, Amiret El Sahara, Tublet Hossam Hattra-Assna, Maalehsh, Tool omri ba-hebbak (Kamal Al Taweel), Raqs El Khayyalah, Alwan El Neel and more.



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