Gamaal Rawhany / Hossam Ramzy

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1 Serena 7:18
2 Gamaal Rawhany (Soyful Beauty) 6:19
3 Ayousha 5:44
4 Agmal Hob (The Most Beautiful Love) 5:10
5 Oyoun Sandra (Sandra's Eyes) 4:48
6 From Cairo to Sao Paulo 5:42
7 Ya Bel Hob...Ya Balash (With Love.. or Not at All) 5:50
8 Bamoot Feeki (I Adore You) 5:03
9 Mohra Shageyyah (A Playful Young Mare) 5:21
10 Naima's Desert Castle 5:50

Hossam took special care to arrange these dance compositions rhythmically with dancers in mind. During his stellar career Hossam has worked with top artists to bring a new feel to their albums, among them are Peter Gabriel, Joan Armatrading & Page & Plant.

Hossam has also worked on many TV & film scores including providing music for David Arnold's film STARGATE.



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