HAFLA-Belly Dance Party

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1. Sallam Alay (trad., arr. Hossam Ramzy, Walid Fayed) - 5:18
2. Oyoun Sandra (Hossam Ramzy, arr. Walid Fayed) - 4:47
3. Aziza (Mohammed Abdul Wahab) - 4:51
4. Enta Omri III (Wahab, arr. Hossam Ramzy) - 5:43
5. Eddalla Ala Kefak (Najib Al Sehdar) - 2:58
6. Oqbalak Yom Miladak (Adbul Halim Hafiz) - 4:14
7. We Mali Bas (Mohamed El Mougy) - 5:10
8. El Gamal Wel Gammal (Hossam Ramzy) - 4:19
9. From Cairo to Sao Paulo (Hossam Ramzy, arr., Walid Fayed) - 5:41
10. Habibi We Enaya (Mohammed Fawzy) - 5:09
11. Sanatein Wanahayel Feek (Raouf Zohney) - 4:50
12. Bahlam Beek (Adbul Halim Hafiz) - 5:21
13. Baladi We Hetta, Part I - 3:20
14. West Naima (Hossam Ramzy) - 3:20
15. Baladi We Hetta, Tabla Solo (Hossam Ramzy) - 4:19

An album of a very special collection of Hossam's Number 1 hits in the world of Belly Dance. Edited in a very special way, around 5 minutes maximum and DIGITALLY enhanced for that special Club Night you
are holding.

The idea for this special collection came about when I was going to Australia in 2006 and was holding a special HAFLA PARTY in collaboration with the famous CLUB RAKKASAH by my dear dance sister Pamela from Melbourne. I chose these songs, I even edited some special parts of a song to a shorter version and extracted some parts of song that I was told they were the most favourite of the dancers around the world.

Just put this CD in your play list and dance the night away....



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