El Sultaan - Classical Egyptian Dance
販売価格 1,880円(内税)

1 Eddalla ala kefak (Najib Al Selehdar) 3:00
2 Tool omri ba hebbak (Kamal Al Taweel) 4:17
3 Rannet khol-khali (Safar Aly) 3:09
4 Ana albi elik mayyal (Mohammed El Mougy) 5:55
5 Ya a-az min eyini (Mohammed Fawzi) 5:51
6 Bait el-ez ya betna (Mohammed El Mougy) 6:17
7 Ya bent el-sultaan (Hassan Aboud El Saoud, intro: Hossam Ramzy) 9:25
8 Yama layali (Sayed Makkawy) 8:07

An album that was released in the early 90's and was received with a strong response from lovers of Egyptian dance. It features some of Egypt's most talented musicians like Samy El bably on trumpet, Farouk Ombor on Qaurter Tone Accordion and Mohamed Aly on Egyptian Nay. It contains dance songs that are very close to my heart.

These songs become a must in the of the daily routines of the Egyptian dancers and this is why I have included them in this CD

. Songs like Eddalla Ala Kefak, a song that is very light hearted and sweet and Rannet Kholkhali and Ya Bent EL Sultaan, a song that has been an important addition to all Baladi routines.

EL-Sultaan is being re-released today, due to the huge public demand for such an album, specially arranged and recorded with the dancers in mind. To read or write a review about this product please scroll down the page.






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