Secrets of Eye / Hossam Ramzy

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ハッサムラムジー プロデュースのアルバムです

1 Asrar El Ein (Secrets of the Eye) 6:35
2 El Gamal Wel Gammal (The Camel and its Keeper) 5:40
3 El Hob Halal (Love is not Forbidden) 5:03
4 Oyouni Sham-A (My Eyes, a Candle) 3:40
5 Amwag el Neel (Waves of the Nile) 7:00
6 Aazab (Suffering) 4:20
7 Gamaal Oyounik (The Beauty of Your Eyes) 5:45
8 Maa El Salama (Go in Peace) 5:25
9 Maalehsh (Never Mind) 4:20

Further soulful compositions from Hossam Ramzy can be found here on this album - the follow up to SOURCE OF FIRE. Including performances by some of Egypt's finest soloists just about every track features a different instrument, such as the MAGROUNA (Egyptian double reed flute), trumpet, saxophone, accordion, Oud, etc., all powered and carried by the rhythmic drive of Hossam's Egyptian percussion.



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