LEGENDS OF WEST AFRICA (Artistic Director: Mamady Keita)

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Artistic Director: Mamady Keita
Choreographer: Moustapha Bangoura
Artists: Mamady Keita, Moustapha Bangoura, Kocasale Dioubate, Mamady Sano, Fode Moussa Camara, Ibrahima Dioubate, Ibrahima Sylla, Ismael Bangoura, Marietou Camara, Kadiatou Kante, Fadima Traore, Amara Camara

Legends of West Africa encompasses some of the worlds most notable curators of Mandeng traditional musical arts. The ensemble displays a dynamic and exhilarating celebration of West Africa's ethnic heritage through song, music and dance.

In 2005 Mamoudou Conde and Laura Rich began discussing their shared desire to see the many talented West African artists living in the United States come together under the collective vision of sharing the musical heritage of West Africa with the world. Legends of West Africa is the manifestation of that vision. With the outstanding guidance of its directors, the ensemble will serve to inspire, entertain, educate and preserve the rich and beautiful cultural traditions of the people of West Africa for future generations.

DSD Comments:
This is an excellent documentary about the making of an exciting new touring ballet, "Legends of West Africa." Though you may find the budget artwork on the cover to be less than desirable, what's inside this DVD is a necessity for any collection of West African music. Much of this video focuses on the rehearsals and performances of the young artists that make up the ballet. However, the real beauty of the film lies within the interviews with Mamady Keita, Moustapha Bangoura and Mamadou Conde. It is incredibly inspiring to see them take up their roles as elders in the music and to hear their vision of where Malinke culture and music should go for the future. As for the live performances, don't miss the over the top skills of the lead soloist Fode Moussa Camara! Crazy!




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