Baladi Plus Egyptian Dance Music

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1 Night Foal 2:27
2 Arabian Knights 8:28
3 Mashalla 8:04
4 Alla Hai 6:55
5 Baladi we Hetta (Baladi Plus) 9:16
6 Wahda We Bas 7:08
7 Malfuf Ala Westi (Wrapped around my hip) 7:10
8 Roah Albi (Soul of my heart) 7:17

Baladi is the true dance of Egypt. The word means: of the country, my country, urbanised folk music, the dance of Egypt. On this album Hossam captured many styles of urbanised folklore. He plays pieces that will help you practising the dance. Baladi Plus was put together as a follow-up to Introduction to Egyptian Dance Rhythms with music added, as well as some new ideas that comprise Baladi ... plus.




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